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The Town Hall of O Corgo is located to the east of Galicia, and in the center of the province of Lugo, of which it administratively forms part. It limits by the north, with the municipalities of Lugo and Castroverde; by the east, with the municipalities of Castroverde, Baralla and Láncara; by the south, those of Lancara and O Páramo; by the west, those of Guntín and Lugo.
Its geographical location is: latitude, 42º56’2 North; and the length of 7º25’5 West, being its altitude on the level of the sea, of 441 meters.

It has as main river the Miño, and complementary Chamoso, Tordea, Neira, Maceira, Mazandan, Romeán, Amoa and Outeiro. The highest elevations are Pena de Cruz, 783 meters, Pena Aguda, 722 meters, Castro de Croa, 651 meters, Cantera de Vidueiro, 624 meters, Pena de Ladrón, 502 meters, Agra do Outeiro, 451 meters and Penas de Cañón, 431 meters, apart from the mountains of Coedo and Ferveda.

O Corgo is well connected thanks to a good network of infrastructures that connect the municipality with Lugo and with the main nuclei of the province.

The main means of communication are the National VI road (Madrid-A Coruña) and the Northwest A-6 motorway that crosses the city hall from west to east; the regional road C-546 from Lugo to Ourense, which crosses the municipality from north to south; and the railroad A Coruña-Palencia.
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FEBRUARY MONTH:Tuesday of Carnival (Local festivity).

MAY MONTH:San Angel in Anseán.
Virgin of the Virtues of San Miguel de Pedrafita.

JUNE MONTH:Corpus Christi in Santalla.
San Bernabé in Castrillón.
Fairs of the Blonde Cow and the Horse in Adai.
Celebrations in Cela, Segovia (S.Juan) and Cerceda.

JULY MONTH:Horse Fair in Adai.
Fiestas in Adai and Sabarei.

AUGUST MONTH:Folk pilgrimage on the River Chamoso river beach (Craft Fair).
San Pedro Felix of San Fiz of Paradela.
Festivities in Marei (A Nosa Señora), Farnadeiros, Quinte, Abragán, Laxosa, Santa María de Piñeiro (Quetesende), San Andrés de Chamoso y Franqueán (San Roque).

SEPTEMBER MONTH:Feast of Sorrows in O Corgo.
Festivities in Arxemil.
Santo Cristo in Gomeán.
Virgen de los Remedios in Fonteita.

OCTOBER MONTHSan Froilán (festive venue) day 5.
Fiesta de Campelo.
Fair in Adai on the 13th of each month.

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